I offer a range of services covering everything related to underwater photography, all here in beautiful La Paz, Mexico:


This is a premium service for underwater photographers. I will take you to our most popular dive sites, including the world-famous sea lion colony of Los Islotes (weather permitting)! You won't have to follow a group and therefore you can spend as much time with a subject as you would like! This will help your imagery a lot, as the best images are usually the result of patience and fine tuning. No turning around after every shot hoping that you can still see the rest of your group! I also offer general photographic advice on the subjects you're likely to encounter. In addition, dive times can also be a bit longer than on our standard dives. In short: this is the way to take the best images here in La Paz! Please note that unless you get a private boat you'll still need to share the boat ride with other people.

Price: $150 per day*


If you book this service I will take you diving on our most popular sites and will take pictures of your adventures! Afterwards I professionally edit the images and send you a link to download them to your devices! You won't have to dive with a group as I will be your personal guide! Please note that unless you get a private boat you'll still need to share the boat ride with other people.

Price: $150 per day*


This is an intensive 1-to-1 workshop, tackling all stages of digital image making. We will spend virtually all day together, starting with equipment setup in the morning (or preferably the night before). We will then go on two or three dives in the morning and afternoon. In between, or if you want even during the dives, I will help you with getting your strobes in the right positions and choosing the right settings and pleasing compisitions. We will also review your results together and I will offer constructive criticism to improve your imagery even further, as well as give you assignments for the coming dives. I also offer an open-ended session on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop in the evening, explaining my post-processing workflow, which in digital photography is essential to achieve the very best results. The entire experience can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. This way I can ensure that you get the absolute most out of your time and money!

But don't just take my word for it, instead hear from Priya Talwar, who was diving with me in January of 2020:

I’m so glad I found a teacher in Hannes. I was feeling stagnant in my underwater photography and looking for someone who knew more than me to show me what I was doing wrong. I took a chance after seeing his social media posts and I lucked out.

I did 5 days of private diving and photo workshopping with him. He makes sure you get your money’s worth by doing things like brushing up on your equipment beforehand and just generally taking care of what you need. He met me at my hotel the night before my first day of diving to help me get everything set up and discuss goals for the next day. He also accompanied me on my night dive and whale shark snorkel throughout the week, and saved me by letting me use his equipment when mine failed.

He’s smart, and is able to explain what he knows through theory sessions, image review, boat talk, or whatever you need. I really loved that he has a background in engineering, which enhances his knowledge of lighting and general understanding of the technology involved in underwater photography.

I got the sense that he really wanted me to succeed and improve, and was able to explain and show to me. I loved being able to pass the camera to him underwater on our private dives for real-time in-the-water feedback.

Highly recommend, and will probably be working with him again myself sometime.

Price: $295 per day*

All bookings can be made through The Cortez Club. During your booking just mention the service you would like. If you have any questions about any of my services, please use my contact form!

I'm looking forward to diving with you!


* All prices are on top of the cost of your dives. Excl. 16% tax.
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